Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are traditional cakes that served at wedding receptions followed by the wedding dinner. In the modern western culture, Wedding cakes are displayed usually and served to the guests at the reception. Wedding cakes are believed to bring good luck to the couple and to all the guests. In the modern wedding, cakes are not always served to the guests and some cakes are built only with one edible tier which is only meant for the groom and the bride to share. Wedding cakes come in different sizes, and designs, according to the cost. The chefs use various ingredients to decorate the cake; few popular ingredients are Gum Paste, Chocolate, Marzipan, and Butter cream. There are few types are wedding cakes, such as traditional wedding cakes flavored wedding cakes, smaller or individual cakes, cupcakes and frosted cakes. Traditional wedding cakes are in white color, including the decorations and icing varieties such as almond, butter cream, etc. Wedding cakes include flavors such as vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Frosted cakes are expensive and popular due to a large amount of cream. Currently, the most traditional cake flavor is the White wedding cakes, but different flavors can be added between the layers.