Birthday Cakes

Delicious birthday cake on table on bright backgroundBirthday cakes are cakes eaten on someone’s birthday as a part of the birthday celebration all over the world. There are typical types of birthday cakes, tarts, cupcakes, and pastries. There are various types of flavors in birthday cakes, chocolate-, strawberry, or vanilla-flavored. They are baked in various colors and various shapes. Since from the middle of 19th century, mainly in the western European countries Birthday cakes have a part of a Birthday celebration. However, there are some links between birthday and cakes which even dates back to ancient Roman times. The cake, dessert or pastry is served to the person who is celebrating it. The individual person celebrating birthday will have to blow few number of candles lit on the cake. Basically, the cake is a form of sweet dessert which is typically baked. Cakes come in different forms, Bundt cakes, Conical, Cake balls, Layer cakes, Cupcakes, Sheet cakes, Swiss rolls. There are no particular standards for birthday cakes, but the birthday cakes are often decorated with small candles, pressed in the cake or secured with special holders. The cake is shared with all the guests attending the party to represent a sharing sense and joy of togetherness.